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Artists / John Smith Gumbula

Meet the Artist: John Smith Gumbula

The Basics


John Smith Gumbula


Brisbane, Australia


Cultural Ambassador | Senior Indigenous Creative

Meet the Artist:

The Artists of Nakie program is a collaboration with talented artists in the community who share the same passion for the outdoors as we do. Using various mediums to create, allow these artists to leave you feeling inspired by the world around us.

Tell us a bit about yourself, your hobbies, your passions

Son of the WakkaWakka GurangGurang indigenous people of Queensland, Australia, with Celtic Irish, and Scottish Heritage. I'm 3 decades passionate in the Arts, Cultural Affairs, education, tech, and innovation. I love travelling and meeting different cultures, food, art, music, life is a blessings.

Tell us about this design you made for Nakie.

'SACRED LOVE' Is my interpretation depicting common creative Cultural Aboriginal symbolisms that represent, family, children, Mother's, Father's, Elders, it is community together, preserving our culture, staying strong, and keeping Culture Strong. 'Sacred Love' is what binds us all together on Country, on 'Mother Earth'

What inspires you to create your Art?

I believe everyone is born with a gift and it grows in your heart and spirit as you get older you are inspired by people and the many experiences on that journey. I have been inspired by many things, inspired by my connection to family, my Country, the people who have come and gone within my life, and for me to continue my journey of cultural and my Aboriginal creations in memory of those who have come and gone before me.

Describe your ultimate adventure.

There are so many different adventures. One of my adventures was when I was in Egypt many years ago riding camels and horses in Cairo. We raced around the Giza pyramids, the sun was setting it was incredible. The other adventure, I was on walkabout in Yellowknife-North West Territories, Northern Canada it was winter, and I was a guest of the indigenous people, the DENE, First Nations. I played my 'Yidaki' didgeridoo on top of the hill in Yellowknife and experienced the The northern lights, or 'aurora borealis' it was a magical night and experience.

If you were stuck on a deserted island, which Nakie product would you bring?

My 'Sacred Love' picnic blanket, and nakie hammock.


facebook: @nakieteam

instagram: @johnsmithgumbula

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