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Lifetime warranty
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4 Trees Planted with Every Item
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Why the Nakie Backpack is a Must-Have Staple

Why the Nakie Backpack is a Must-Have Staple
By: Jed Joyosa

We all could probably agree that traveling, in all sorts, is an essential human activity. Whether an escape to the beach, a road trip, or going on a camping adventure, travel offers countless opportunities to grow and discover. 

It’s crazy to even grasp the idea that to travel also means to become young fools again. 

To slow down time, to get taken in, and to ultimately fall in love with life again. 

But amidst the fun and excitement of planning a trip, the struggle would always be in the packing.

So when we talk about travel, there’s one accessory that all of us can’t go without - a reliable backpack! 


It's a versatile and indispensable tool that meets the needs of all kinds of travelers.

Be it the adventurers, working professionals, athletes, students, or even those that use them for the sake of fashion.

Imagine having the luxury of just strapping all your stuff to your back and going to places. 

It’s pretty amazing to say the least.

And although some of the most important purposes it has are for convenience and storage,

One should not forget that we also have the responsibility to make smart and informed choices towards sustainability.

Did you know that by changing some things in your packing decisions can already lessen the environmental impact each travel has?

And as always, Nakie has got your back… literally this time! 

Here are some advantages of getting yourself the new Nakie Backpack:

It’s a Foldable Bag 

When packing essentials for every trip, two factors we highly consider are how compact and functional each item is. 

Compact, in a way that one is able to fully maximize the limited storage there is for the trip.

And functional, where only the gear needed and will surely be used are brought. 

It may sound a bit tricky to figure these things out, but don’t worry.

With the Nakie Backpack, you’re given the luxury of having both in one gear.

It conveniently folds down to just 20cm x 15cm so you can keep it only for when you need to use it along the way. 

But it also opens up to 50cm x 40cm, ensuring that you’ve got a trusty backpack ready for any adventure. 

It’s Lightweight and Water-Resistant

Just as how important it is to carefully pick only the essentials when packing,

The weight of each gear plays a big factor in knowing what to bring.

It can either make or break the trip.

Too heavy? You probably wouldn’t want to carry it the whole time;

Too light? Makes you doubt if you’ve even brought enough with you.

If you find yourself stuck in this dilemma, you’d definitely want to consider getting this backpack.

It’s lightweight, weighing only 325 grams but can store your basic necessities and more.

It is 30L in size that features a breathable mesh and padded shoulder straps for maximum comfort.

This backpack also highlights being water-resistant with a YKK waterproof zipper,  keeping your gear dry and safe any time.

It’s Sustainable and Gives Back To the Environment

Crafted with the balanced fusion of sustainability and functionality, we have yet again redefined responsible consumerism.

The new Nakie foldable backpack is made from approximately 12 recycled plastic bottles. 

With its sleek silhouette and impeccable quality, this gear surely is a manifesto for change.

An embodiment of Nakie’s core and our collective responsibility of preserving the Earth.

It is an accessory that’s perfect for those who want to reduce their carbon footprints on the daily.

All these without having to compromise comfort and style, as it should be.

Furthermore, such efforts even go beyond just sustainability in production,

Each purchase turns into an act of reforestation as we plant four trees for every backpack sold.

 It comes with Lifetime Warranty

As we continue to grow and innovate more lines and products,

We continue the tradition of ensuring members of our community a lifelong commitment to only provide the best and quality gear. 

This is even more strengthened by the guarantee of a lifetime warranty. 

Which covers all products, including the new backpack, guided by a warranty policy.

By choosing the Nakie bag and everything it has to offer, we align ourselves with something of greater purpose;

A movement towards a more mindful way of living.

Wherein each decision we make reflects the willingness in us to help effect change.

With all these said, is the Nakie backpack really just like any other backpacks out there? 

Answer is, No!

This is more than just a bag. It is a statement of our values.

That as we put this bag on our backs, we are constantly reminded that we do not carry just our essentials with us,

We carry our power to make a positive impact and our profound commitment to nurture the environment.  

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